Robbie Williams | ‘Go Gentle’ | Official Music Video

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Official music video for Go Gentle, the first single from the No.1 album Swings Both Ways Buy the album: iTunes standard: iTunes delux…


Marisol Cragg de Mark says:

Nice song.

Luna Paloma De La Paz says:

Beautiful lyric !!! ♥♥

andy smith says:

Gary barlow is the song writer and singer,but not so much an
entertainer,when it comes to entertaining Robbie is the clear winner!

Elton Joao says:

Robbie – Go Gentle

tralalaroxxx says:

Beautiful song :)
Robbie is an amazing and a wonderful artist.

Fanny Kent says:

….to my little prince……I love you..!!!!!!!… <3

Mitch Sanna says:

just nice

Jutta Schmitz-Scherkowsky says:

Love it!

Paradis Ann says:

¡Fuiiiit fiuuuuuuu! ♪♫♪♫♪♫♪♫♪♫

Edin Zukanovic says:

Formidable :)))!!!

Petra Berger says:

we learned everything about drapers, cremes, food, etc. – but no one and
nothing could prepair us for what it would do with our hearts to become a
mother or a father! what responsability REALLY is about and how to handle
the fears! this song is amazing and full of love. I hope one day, Teddy
will give you a huge embrace and a kiss on the cheak and whisle back, that
she loves you, too, Daddy, ♥

DerSchoermbro says:

The best song ever!!!!!

selfaware100 says:

He has a gorgeous voice – I could listen to him forever

Cemre Polat says:

Beatiful song!!
Robbie Williams the best.

Jill Spears says:

Hi Guy’s,My mother is passing on,this current song reflects HER.

Hulya Gocer says:

just 3 million views for this beautiful song? Uh, people should be idiot!

Tracey Heal says:

Beautiful !!

Anastasia Ozerova says:

I love this song! >.<
I’ll hear it every day in my life x.x

FischfaceHD says:

so cool <3

Federico La torella says:


Trac tor says:

This was shown to me by my dad, these words are very wise, I love this song

fatih şen says:


Dr. Claudiu Darau says:

Robbie Williams – ‘Go Gentle’ <3

Joana Trujillo says:

That song, makes me cry ♥

Dragan Nedeljkovic says:

“Go Gentle”

theo deos says:

i love this video and this song *-*

ahmad kadam says:

I Love this song

p Chelios says:

Great song!Although i am not Robbie’s fan ,i loved this song.Nice lyrics
,smooth melody that travels your mind! Dedicated to my little princess


Panos Vasilakis says:

Very very beautiful song!
but where is this lyrics? I didn’t hear them!:
“Don’t waste time with the idiots that think that they’re heroes
They will betray you
Stick with us weirdos”

Megan Hitchcock says:

His daughter is such a lucky girl this is such a beautiful song 

Elisa Perri says:

I love you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

V wie Vendetta says:

Nice work :D

tohugo123 says:


Rob Orton says:

Hows this guy not even been given an O.B.E for what hes done for sales of
UK music and entertainment come on Queen wake it up.

max calzone says:

Best song of 2013 and one of most underrated. Robbie forgive them, cause
they don’t know what they hear…..

Shayaan Ahmad says:

garry barlow’s better

MEM MEM says:

Robbie is my favorite real so likable and the type of star
that shines without even trying. XOXO Robbie

lili molnar says:

good !!!!

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